Reach For the Sun Teacher Guide - Post-Game Assessment

Post-Game Assessment

Time Required



Students will assess their learning by researching a new plant to add to Reach For The Sun.
Students will analyze data and draw conclusions about factors that affect plant growth.
Students will make final observations of seed germination.



PencilRulerLab Sheet: Growing Plants in Different Environments, from Lesson 1Colored pencilsPoster boardReach for the Sun Redesign Fact Sheet from the appendix.


KWL Chart, from the Pre-Assessment


Computer and Internet accessBaggies of germinating lima bean seeds, from Lesson 3


Gather materials for each student to complete the Post-Game Assessment, and make copies of the Reach for the Sun Redesign Fact Sheet.
Display the KWL Chart from the Pre-Assessment.


It’s time for students to play Reach for the Sun again. Students can play individually or continue the game they began with their partner. As they play, ask students to think about how they might redesign Reach for the Sun.

Post-Game Assessment: Redesigning Reach for the Sun

Have students redesign Reach for the Sun by adding a new flowering plant to the plant choices. Students can research their new flower either online or use books from the school library. Students should list at least five key traits of their flowers on the Redesign Fact Sheet. They must be sure to take into account the amount of water, sunshine, nutrients, and soil the plant needs. In addition, they must consider whether their plant depends on asexual or sexual reproduction. Finally, students should research when the plant produces flowers and seeds during a growing season.

Plant Growth Lab Conclusion

Have students make final observations of their plants from Lesson 1. Students should then graph their data directly on their Lab Sheets. Review the steps for completing a line graph if needed, pointing out the importance of using labels and an appropriate scale. Students should draw a line for each pot and plot the average growth of all plants in the pot that they measured each day. If students were not able to obtain quantitative data (plant height), have them summarize their other observations. Instruct each lab group to share their results and conclusions. Ask, "How did this investigation relate to Reach for the Sun?"

You may want to encourage students to take any living plants home and replant them in a larger pot or garden.

Observations of Seed Germination

Have students observe their lima beans from Lesson 3. Conduct an informal discussion of the results. Did any of the seeds germinate? What might have prevented the seeds from germinating?

Students can take the seeds home and plant them in soil or in a garden.

Completion of Group KWL Chart

Refer students to the KWL Chart from the Pre-Assessment. Review the first two columns, and ask students to think about whether or not they learned anything that they wrote in the second column. Did they learn anything that they did not list in this column? How does what they learned in the unit compare to what they wrote in the first column? Complete the final column as a class.