Motion Force Teacher Guide - Pre-Assessment


Time Required



Students will play a vocabulary bingo game and create a group KWL chart to assess their prior knowledge about forces, motion, and Newton’s Laws of Motion.



Pencil8 x 11 sheet of paper


Hat or containerSmall scraps of paper


Write each vocabulary word and its definition on a small scrap of paper. Fold the papers and place them in a hat or container.
Students will be working in groups and in pairs for much of the unit. You may want to assign them a group and a partner now, to work with throughout the unit.

Part 1: Vocabulary Bingo

  • Explain to students that they will be playing a bingo game to assess their prior knowledge of vocabulary related to the unit. Write each vocabulary word on the board. Students will choose six of the words and write them on a sheet of paper.
  • Pull a word out of a hat, one at a time, and read only the definition, not the word itself. If students think they have the word written on their sheet of paper, they can cross it out.
  • The first person to have all six words crossed out wins bingo. He or she should read the words aloud to make sure all of the words are correct and were actually pulled from the hat. If time allows, students can play more rounds to give them a chance to use different words on their papers.

Reassure students that if they get any words incorrect, they will not be penalized. The goal is to assess prior knowledge in a fun and engaging way.

Part 2: Group KWL Chart

  • Have students read the steps in the Student Guide. Then explain to students that they are going to create a group KWL chart about Newton’s Laws of Motion. A KWL chart is a three-column chart with distinct headings:

    • What Do We KNOW About a Topic?
    • What Do We WANT to Know About the Topic?
    • What Did We LEARN About the Topic?

    The first two columns are filled in at the start of a unit, and then the final column is completed at the end of the unit.

  • Instruct students to spend a few minutes brainstorming on the topic and making two lists:

    1. key ideas and vocabulary terms related to Newton’s Laws of Motion that you already know about.
    2. key ideas and vocabulary terms related to Newton’s Laws of Motion that you want to learn about.

    Encourage students to think about forces that affect motion, as well. Each student should write his or her ideas on an 8 x 11 sheet of paper.

  • Display a large sheet of paper for all students to see and sketch a three-column chart on the paper. Write the following headings on the chart:

    • What do we KNOW about Newton’s Laws of Motion already?
    • What do we WANT to learn about Newton’s Laws of Motion?
    • What did we LEARN about Newton’s Laws of Motion?
  • Ask students to share their ideas as you fill in the first two columns.

Remind students that this activity is to assess their prior knowledge about Newton’s Laws of Motion, and encourage them to think about the terms they encountered in the Vocabulary Bingo Game.