Setup Guide

Once you have purchased your game-based curriculum, you will have access to a number of features when you Log In.

What You Get

The My Library tab allows you to see your purchases, accounts used, and accounts available.

  • Add Products

    Enter your Teacher Code, click Submit, and shared products will be added to your Library.

  • Play Now

    Click Play Now to begin playing a game.

  • View Curriculum Materials

    Click on View Curriculum Materials to display a clickable list of curriculum features: Game Title, the Teacher's Guide, the Student Guide, and the IT Guide.


My Sections allows you to register individual students and group them into different sections:

  • Click on Create New Section

  • Enter a Section Title; click next to the game title; click on Create New Section.

  • You are given a Student Code that all students within a section may use to register and play the game.

  • Students register by clicking Log In on the homepage.

  • Under Create Your Free Account, students click I'm a Learner.

  • Students enter their information, create a password, and include the Student Code.

  • Once Registered, students are brought to the My Library page and can launch the desired game..


  • Go to
  • Click Log In button in the top right corner
  • Click on blue I'm a Learner button
  • Fill in the fields with your First Name and Last Initial
  • Create a secure password
  • Enter Student Code (your teacher supplies you with this code)
  • Click the My Library tab
  • Scroll down and find the Title of the game you want to play
  • Click Play Now