Diffission Teacher Guide - One Whole, Many Fractions

One Whole, Many Fractions

Time Required

40 Minutes


Compare two fractions with the same numerator or the same denominator by reasoning about their size. Recognize that comparisons are valid only when the two fractions refer to the same whole.



Number Line Recording SheetDevice with internet for partner gameplay


Screen shots from Diffission showing the line at the bottomLarge paper with example of Recording Sheet to model guided play


For each student, prepare a copy of the Number Line Recording Sheet. To aid gameplay for the entire class, prepare a projector to display game screenshots and a large example of the Recording Sheet.


In the previous lesson, students spent time modeling with fractions and wholes while exploring how the size of the fraction changes according to the size of the whole. In this lesson, students will begin thinking about how to represent fractions on the number line and record these representations during their gameplay.

Clues in the Game

Display Diffission screenshots showing different fractions and bring students’ attention to the bar at the bottom of the screen to show how it changes depending on the challenge. Ask students to discuss with a partner what they think the bar means.

Example Questions:

  • What could this bar be representing?
  • How is the bar changing?
  • How does the bar relate to the picture above it?


Students will be asked to play the game and notice how the bar changes as they play.

Stop-Think-Discuss: What Does the Line Represent

After the students have discussed the questions above, show them a picture of a number line and ask them what it is. Then display one of the screenshots you showed before and make an emphasis on the bar.

Ask students to think about the bar as a number line. What number would be at the beginning of the line and at the end? If students need more prompting, go back of the definition of whole. How many wholes are on the screen? Once the students realize the line represents the distance between 0 and 1, move on to guided gameplay.

Guided Gameplay

Ask students to return to the game, this time they can record the shape of the whole and shade the fraction they made, placing it on the number line.


Ask students to share some of the work they recorded with their partner. Discuss their answers and how they arrived at them. Add number line representations to anchor chart.

Note: Some students may need more practice with this activity. You can use the fraction strips for students to label and compare fractions and how they relate to the whole.

Performance Task: Fractions on the Number Line

Evaluate student performance using the Fractions on the Number Line activity found in the appendix.