Diffission Teacher Guide - Let's Play!

Let's Play!


Partition shapes into parts with equal areas. Express the area of each part as a unit fraction of the whole.



Reflection SheetComputer or tablet with internet access


Anchor Chart (started during warm up lesson)Projector or screen to show gameplay


Prepare a copy of the Reflection Sheet for each student.


  • Introduce the game to students as a whole class activity. Foreshadow for the students that the game utilizes the number form for the fraction, as discussed in the previous lesson. Add the numerator and denominator portion (located under definitions) to the Anchor Chart before gameplay.
  • Project or display the first two levels of Diffission and have students discuss how they would solve the level with a partner before sharing with the group.

Game Play

Monitor groups as they play the game and remind them to pay attention to the numerator and denominator in the game to help them solve in the puzzles. Encourage students to talk to a partner about what is happening in the game and ask students reflection questions regarding gameplay to foreshadow the Reflection Sheet at the end of the lesson.

Game Play Discussion

At the end of the activity, students will fill out the reflection sheet describing their game play. Encourage students to focus on what they liked and what was challenging, as this information will dictate what students will need to learn next in order to help them be more successful in the game.