Funding Your Game-based Learning Program: 2017 K12 Grants

BY Elle Jacobson
Spring means budgeting season for K-12 teachers, principals and administrators. While you’re busy curating your list of things you’ll need next school year for your students, remember that just because your budget may seem small doesn’t mean that you can’t dream of innovating in your classroom, schools, or district. K-12 grants are an excellent supplement to shrinking public school spending, so we’ve curated a fresh list of recommended grants to help you in implementing digital learning content.

For the classroom:
  • CCBD Foundation's Classroom Practitioner Support Grants
    The Classroom Practitioner Support Program offers grants of $500 to teachers who are looking to implement programming to support students with emotional and behavioral needs. Game-based learning has shown to support social and emotional development, and this grant could be a great way to introduce those students to learning games.
    Adopt a Classroom continues to be a great way for teachers to specifically ask for things they need in their classrooms. People online can find a classroom to sponsor and donate to the cause. The best part about this website is you can search locally to support schools in your community.
    Just like Adopt a Classroom, Donors Choose makes our list again as a great way for teachers to put things they’re hoping for online and rely on the good samaritans of the internet to help fund their needs. In addition to searching locally, donors can also search to fund classrooms by subjects that they’re passionate about.

For the school:
  • IGT After School Advantage Program
    After school programs are critical for many at-risk students, as they provide a safe place for them to learn and play. IGT offers funding for the development of digital learning centers in schools so that students have the opportunity to use the latest technology and spark interest in computer and software careers.
  • Inspire Collection Development Grant
    Are you looking to add more digital learning resources to your school library but your budget is slim and find that most library grants only cover books? The American Association of School Librarians offers a grant exclusively to school libraries of up to $5,000 to extend, update, and diversify the book, online, subscription and/or software collections in their library in order to attain sustainable improvement in student achievement at their school.

For the district:
  • The American Honda Foundation
    The American Honda Foundation offers grant funding of up to $75,000 exclusively to non-profits and school districts who are looking to provide innovative ways of learning around the subject areas of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). There are a number of great learning games that teach concepts in STEM, and game-based learning is a great way to generate interest in these subjects. This generous grant ensures that each of your schools can be provided access to games.
  • NEA Foundation Learning and Leadership Grants
    If you’re interested in using game-based learning in your schools, but you know that professional development is needed to effectively implement games with staff and students, the NEA Foundation Learning and Leadership grants can help.The NEA Foundation offers grants of up to $5,000 to fund professional development opportunities that improves practice, curriculum, and student achievement. If you’re interested in professional development around game-based learning, click here.

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