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FGP 18: Season One Finale

We want to extend a heartfelt thank you for listening to the first season of the Filament Games Podcast. We enjoyed releasing each episode and reading your Tweets, Facebook comments, and notes on Soundcloud. Rest assured, we will be back…

FGP 17: Game Design Contest

This week we bring you a very special episode of the podcast. We invite game designers Abby Friesen and Matt Haselton into the studio for a game design contest. Hear what happens when we ask two designers…

FGP 16: Win The White House

In FGP 16 we ask the important question, "What do you think is the largest number of bananas you can eat in a day?" We also chat with special guest Carrie Ray-Hill from iCivics about Win The White House and the importance of…

FGP 15: How Did I Get Here?

Join us on the Filament Games Podcast for a behind-the-scenes look at how Abigail Rindo, Lead Producer, and Stephen Calender, Game Engineer, decided to create learning games and what drew them to Filament...

FGP 14: Chatting With Rich Halverson

Basketball fans rejoice! This week we chat with learning games researcher, Rich Halverson, about digital technology in the classroom and why he thinks basketball players are the best athletes in the world. Hot topics in this week's episode include..

FGP 13: Dan, Dan, and Brandon

In FGP 13 our biggest fan, Dan White, joins us in the studio and shares his love of flanking games. We also discuss why we make learning games, how to make terrible things that are still good, and what it's like to make games that improve people's lives.

FGP 12: Mobile Games

This week we arrive at the end of our quest for a good mobile game! We also discuss why Filament hasn't made more mobile games, why Brandon is a stock photographer, and what lead us to design a game about chickens on planes.

FGP 11: Game Engines

In FGP 11, Brandon and Dan weigh in on the changes to Hearthstone and explore Amazon's new game engine, Lumberyard. We also discuss Unity vs. HTML 5, Brandon puts down his pitchfork, and we learn some super boring tidbits about Dan.

FGP 10: Virtual Reality

Welcome to episode 10! In this episode we discuss the ins and outs of virtual reality and explore how VR could impact the classroom. Hot topics in this week’s episode include Ravenswood Winery, Flying Dog Beer, Cave Story, Oculus Rift…

FGP 9: Games, Game-based Learning & Gamification

This week's podcast covers exciting topics such as game-based learning trends from FETC & BETT and the differences between games, game-based learning, and gamification. You'll also learn what snerfing is, what Dan would make with a 3D printer…