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Epic Orphan: Blending Serious Games and Learning Games

Over the years, I’ve worked on a wide variety of serious games project. My specialty is of course in learning games, and I thought it would be worth talking about the intersections (and contrasts) between learning games and serious games...

Depth vs. Breadth in Learning Games

One of the best things about making digital learning stuff is that we get to have a constant dialogue about the nature of knowledge. After all, if you want to make learning tools, you need to have an opinion about what...

Serious Media for Good: Games & Journalism Part III

So I suppose I’ve painted myself in a corner here: I’ve established that games, essentially are a selfish, insulated experience, and that journalism is tied to the consumer’s experiences and ability to impact the real world. BUT! BUT! I think…

Serious Media for Good: Games & Journalism Part II

Today we’re going to explore more about the intrinsically motivating nature of games, and poke a bit at the strengths and weaknesses.

Serious Media for Good: Games & Journalism Part I

I recently attended a lovely and amazing conference called the ivoh summit. It blew my mind, and I met a ton of amazing people. I met a lot of incredible writers and journalists, and I was immediately impressed by two things…